We offer a variety of services in the field of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering

Special mechanical engineering

Module assembly


Milling, turning, sanding

Individual and serial production

Consulting, problem solving & inspection

Finding solutions, creating concepts, inspecting systems


Inserting components, installation of wires, tubes and pipes


Overhauling and repairing existing systems, Upkeep for minimisation of downtime


Creation of CAD models, redesigning of existing systems



Sheet metal working

Bending, welding



AboutS.A.S. Engineering Logo

We find solutions! S.A.S. is a young business focusing on mechanical engineering and special mechanical engineering with the goal to overcome particular challenges. To achieve this , we support our customers from sketchbook to production. Of course we can also plan and realise finished concepts for you. Looking back at over 10 years of professional experience nationally and internationally, we possess the necessary expertise for your project. S.A.S. is the right partner for you, particularly for special modifications and individual projects.


With S.A.S. you have a partner, who is responsible for every step of the process.
This means full transparency for our customers.

  1. Meeting with Customer

  2. Kick-Off Meeting

  3. Prepare requirement specificiation

  4. Planning

  5. Brainstorming

  6. Create concept

  7. Assembly

  8. Sourcing / production of parts

  9. Start of construction

  10. Completion

  11. Launch

  12. Delivery

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